February 03, 2019

Battleship War Mobile Game

Battleship War Mobile Game

Welcome to the world of harsh sea battles. "Sea Battle"Battleship War - is one of the most famous and popular games on puppo.ru for many decades. At first it was played on ordinary leaves of notebooks, and now this game is available to us online. You can play alone against the computer, or you can play together with a friend, in a mode against each other. The essence of the game lies in the fact that you must place your ships on a field of ten by ten cells. Your flotilla will consist of ten ships: one four-deck, two three-deck, three double-deck and four single-deck.

Battleship War Walkthrough | Classic Mode [BIGnoob]

Cool classic battleship board game online. Game is available here - http://kizigamesxl.org/battleship-war.html | More videos: Kizi Games https://goo.gl/UnBGvZ


You must arrange your ships so that the enemy could not find and sink them quickly. As soon as your battle begins, you will see two playing fields. One will be yours, and the second opponent. You must take turns to shoot in a foreign field. If the ship is successfully shot down, then you will be able to shoot again until you miss it. Misses will be painted over with ink, and sunk ships with a red cross. Become a real champion of Battleship War.

Good luck!

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